Mar 252011
The Boston Club in New Orleans

Frederick "Poppy" Miller (left), his brother Jack, and Philip A. L. Miller, Jr. (right). Philip says the photo was taken in the 1980s outside the Boston Club on Canal Street in New Orleans, where Poppy and Jack were members, as were earlier generations of Millers. Photographs were not allowed inside the Club. Philip said that […]

Mar 242011
Unknown man with baby

Picture found at 2820 Throckmorton in Dallas. Identities uncertain. EMM thinks it might be her father and herself. Her father’s name was Zeke Shumway–Eula and Zeke divorced when EMM was very young. EMM met Zeke once and then, at age 20, she attended his funeral. "My mother made me go to the funeral", she says. […]

Mar 242011

Mary Ware, sister of Letitia Dabney Miller, wrote several books, including A New World through Old Eyes. Excerpts from the book are available in three formats: HTML (best for on-line viewing, 155 Kbytes plus pictures), PDF (best for printing, 474 Kbytes), and Microsoft Word (305 Kbytes).

Mar 232011
Thomas Marshall Miller, 1847-1920

Thomas Marshall Miller, 1847-1920. This is Daddy’s grandfather. Born 19 January 1847 at Port Gibson, Mississippi to William Trigg Miller and Emily Van Dorn. There is a more detailed biography is three formats: HTML (best for on-line viewing, 13 Kbytes plus pictures), PDF (best for printing, 236 Kbytes), and Microsoft Word (284 Kbytes) . He […]