Mar 282011
Women's Army Corps, WWII

Eula Katherine Blake is on the second row, sixth from the right; she may be the only WAC in the picture wearing glasses. There is a Japanese spy in the center of the third row from top.

Mar 272011
Edith, Hats, California

Two photos, one labeled on the front, "Little Edith Mae and her Grandmama" but I think it’s EULA’s grandmother, i.e., Edith’s great-grandmother, Mrs. Graybill. Second labeled on the back, "Grandma, Edith Mae, Mabel, and Mama." I think they’re in California, but can’t prove it unless someone recognizes the setting. The hats alone are worth the […]

Mar 262011
Van Dorn Miller

Our grandfather, born in 1882. He looks to be about 40 years old here so we guess this to be from about 1922. He died August 18, 1945 in Dallas. For more details, see these biographical notes.