May 292023

Index for Letitia Miller’s Photo Album The page has titles and descriptions for Letitia Miller’s Album. If you find info of interest there, go to the photo album and use the search option to find the image. A-LDM Album cover Photo album of Letitia Dabney Miller, denoted here as LDM, (1852-1946) assisted by her daughter […]

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May 282023

Letitia Dabney Miller, 1852-1946, was the wife of Thomas Marshall Miller, 1847-1920. Use the paging controls at the bottom of this page to browse 200+ pictures in Letitia’s album. Click on a thumbnail to see the full image. When viewing the full image:

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Apr 012012
Bob in the 2003 Marine Corps Marathon

Bob runs the 2003 Marine Corps Marathon through the streets of Washington, DC, finishing at the Iwo Jima memorial. You can view his statistics at using bib number 13301. Keep scrolling down: there are a total of two pictures. Above: Nearing the finish line. With the Marine Corps medal awarded to finishers.