Mar 272012
Skiing in Utah

Skiing in Utah Bob, Hope, and Phil ski in Utah. Keep scrolling down: there are a total of two pictures below. Hope and Bob at Alta, 10000 foot elevation, cold and windy at top of the mountain. Hope at Alta.

Mar 252012
Christmas 2001

Christmas 2001 Note: Scroll down: there are a total of four pictures on this page. Kay and Carol at EMM’s apartment. Mary Helen and Smokey with Mrs. Hicks at Bob’s house. Phil, Mary Helen, Hope, and Bob at Bob’s house. Alice, Mary Helen, Mrs. Hicks, and Hope.

Mar 242012
Thanksgiving 2001

James, Mary, EMM, Tom, and Jim at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead. This picture was made on the site where, in 1864, General Sherman arrested the notorious Rebel terrorists Osama bin Bubba and Billy Joe Mohammed.