Mar 242012
Thanksgiving 2001

James, Mary, EMM, Tom, and Jim at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead. This picture was made on the site where, in 1864, General Sherman arrested the notorious Rebel terrorists Osama bin Bubba and Billy Joe Mohammed.

Mar 202012
Bear Wins Pet-of-the-Year

The Miller Family web site has awarded Pet-of-the-Year to Bear Price. Bear, two and half years old, is a fifty-pound Black Lab mix. Bear’s motto is "I loyally obey every command–if it’s convenient." A joint statement issued by Bear’s owners said "It took a lot of hard work, clean living, and a belief in the […]

Mar 192012
White House Holiday Tour

White House Holiday Tour Jim, Mary, Tom, James, and Phil tour the White House. Keep scrolling down: there are a total of four pictures below. The famous Kennedy portrait in the East Wing. Benjamin Franklin portrait in the Green Room. Tom (left) and friend John with the Gilbert Stuart portrait of Washington. James (right) and […]