Mar 162012
Georgia-Tennessee Football Game, 2000
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Georgia-Tennessee Football Game, 2000 The big game, University of Georgia versus Tennessee in Athens, October 7, 2000. Georgia won 21-10, the first win over Tennessee in nine years. As the Georgia faithful passed by our tailgate party, they asked Bob why he associated with the Tennessee people. Bob explained “I can’t help it. They’re family. […]

Mar 152012
EMM Visits Mark and Cathy
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EMM Visits Mark and Cathy EMM visits Mark and Cathy in September of 2000. Note: Keep scrolling down: there are a total of three pictures on this page. Below: Bear, Mark, Cathy, Cory, Nicole, and Socks, Mark, Cory, Nicole, Socks, and EMM. Below: Mark, Cory, Bear (Pet-of-the-Year for 2000), and Nicole. Below: Nicole, Socks, Mark, […]