Mar 182011
William Trigg Miller, about 1871
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Born 1814 in Kentucky, William was a lawyer, cotton broker, and riverboat gambler. He is the father of Thomas Marshall Miller (b1847) and is our great-great-grandfather. We don’t know when he died but he was alive during the Civil War. This picture belongs to Laurean Reynolds of New Orleans, great-grandaughter of Earl Van Dorn Miller.

Mar 172011
Sarah (Smith) Dabney, 1775-1851
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Sarah (Smith) Dabney was the wife of Benjamin Dabney and mother of Philip Augustine Lee Dabney. (Philip is the father of Letitia Dabney Miller [1852-1946], the wife of Thomas Marshall Miller [1847-1920].) Sarah is our great-great-great grandmother. The Virginia Historical Society lists an image of Sarah with the Macon family, under “Macon: Sarah (Smith) Dabney, […]

Mar 162011
Octavia Van Dorn Sulivane
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Below: Octavia Van Dorn Sulivane, brother of Earl Van Dorn, daughter of Peter Van Dorn. During the Civil War, she wrote a long, fascinating letter to her sister Jane—an annotated transcript of the letter is available here in three formats: HTML (best for on-line viewing, 84 Kbytes plus pictures), PDF (best for printing, 93 Kbytes), […]

Mar 152011
Major General Earl Van Dorn, 1820-1863
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Major General Earl Van Dorn of the Confederate Army, son of Peter and Sophie Van Dorn, and brother of Emily Van Dorn Miller. Picture from “Van Dorn: The Life and Times of a Confederate General,” R. G. Hartje (Vanderbilt, 1967). There is a short biography of Earl available in three formats: three formats: HTML (best […]