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John Miller

Born: unknown.
Died: unknown.
Spouse: Unknown.
One known child


Maj. Anderson Miller abt.1772-1850

Parents: John Miller and unknown.
Born: abt. 1772 in Culpepper County, VA.
Died: Nov 17, 1850 in Alexandria, LA.
Spouse: Elizabeth Bell born: Mar 17, 1786 in Frederick County, VA; died: Apr 8, 1856 in Louisville, KY.
Seven children


William Trigg Miller 1814-aft.1863

Parents: Maj. Anderson Miller and Elizabeth Bell.
Born: 1814 in Frankfort, KY.
Died: aft. 1863.
Spouse: Emily Donelson Van Dorn born: Feb 6, 1827 in Port Gibson, MS; died: abt. 1916 in New Orleans, LA.
Two children

See William Trigg Miller for details. See Donelson Lineage for Emily’s family. This is where Van Dorn is injected into the Miller line. Emily’s brother, Earl Van Dorn, was a Civil War general. Her father, Peter Van Dorn, was a Princeton graduate and a lawyer in Port Gibson.


Thomas Marshall Miller 1847-1920

Parents: William Trigg Miller and Emily Donelson Van Dorn.
Born: Jan 19, 1847 in Port Gibson, MS.
Died: Aug 31, 1920 in New Orleans, LA.
Spouse: Anna Letitia Dabney born: Jan 8, 1852 in Raymond, MS; died: 1946 in New Orleans, LA.
Seven children

This is where the Dabneys are injected into the Miller line. See Thomas Marshall Miller, 1847-1920 for more details.

See also Letitia’s Memoirs.


Earl Van Dorn Miller 1882-1945

Parents: Thomas Marshall Miller and Anna Letitia Dabney.
Born: Jan 23, 1882 in Vicksburg, MS.
Died: Aug 18, 1945 in Dallas, TX.
Spouse: Ida Carrie Crockett.
One child
See the full-size picture.


Thomas Marshall Miller 1910-1996

Parents: Earl Van Dorn Miller and Ida Carrie Crockett.
Born: Oct 19, 1910 in Mineral Wells, TX.
Died: Dec 25, 1996 in Atlanta, GA.
Spouse: Edith Mae Shumway born: July 31, 1913 in Dallas, TX; died: Oct 28, 2002 in Atlanta, GA.
Five children