Dabney Map Legend

This map is drawn on a scale of
six inches to the mile.

All boundaries of fields, fence
lines, roads, and the larger streams
are laid down with accuracy.

The position of the Burleigh es-
tablishment, its out-houses, garden,
orchard, etc, together with the negro
quarters and cotton-houses are
also pretty accurately determined
by the notes of the survey.

For the numbers of the different
land sections, as well as their town-
ship and range, see miniature map
in left hand upper corner.

The bearings of the land lines are
given below, approximately, as they
were found to be, when run[?] out.

The east and west half section line
of sections 25 26, 27 & 28   N 82° 1/4 E

The east and west half section line
between sect 1 2, 3 & 34, 36   N 82° E

Williams boundary line  N 8° 1/4 W

The north and south section line
between sect 2, 35 and 3, 34  N 8° W

As a general thing, the N & S land-
lines vary in bearing, from 8° to 8° 1/4
and the E & W lines, from 7° 1/4 to 8°.

The green color, in all cases, is used to
indicate the wooden lands.

All colored portion of the map is
the property of Col Dabney the names
in the blank space around the margin,
are those of the owners of the cojoining

The total quantity land in
this tract by surveyor's notes is 3959 [?] acres.

The sketch of the bottom of this map
entitled "Burleigh" is the residence of ???

Finished July 7th, 1860

(see original)