Miller Movies and Slides 1941-1974


For film clips, see Miller Movies. For slides, see Miller Slides. The slides were narrated by TMM, Sr. in the 1980s; the movies have no audio.

Google's Chrome browser is recommended, however, these pages should work using most modern Internet browsers.


In the 1980s, TMM, Sr. converted the family film and slide library to three VHS tapes. The first two tapes provided the video for Miller Movies. The third tape provided the video for Miller Slides. There are about four hours of viewing enjoyment.

When the original film was converted to VHS, the reels were copied to VHS in a random order. These web pages, however, have a scrolling directory of clips, ordered chronologically, allowing you to directly access topics of interest.

Using the Directory

Scroll through the directory and click on a description—the video window will start playing at approximately that point on the tape. The video continues to play past the selected clip—it is your job to decide when the clip is finished.

You can use the browser "find on page" (typically located at Edit=>Find on this Page) to search the directory for keywords.

When I created the directory, I often guessed on the year and location. Send corrections to

Controlling the Video

The video window resizes automatically to fill your browser window with enough space to the right for the directory. The best way to watch videos and slides is to maximize the browser window.